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July 31, 2005


Ah, a quiet summer morning. What are you doing up so early?

I watched Chris Matthews this am and saw an amazing amount of blathering from the pundits, led by Woodward. "The Rove thing will amount to nothing. After all, what're the odds Rove actually was involved with the dirty tricks, as opposed to lower level staffers?" Joe Klein, of all people, was incredulous. he had to recite for them Rove's dirty tricks history over the last 30 years.

Fucking morons, all of them.

The NYT news section is full of good stuff today (in part because they have almost nothing about US electoral or partisan politics, at which they generally suck). The article about Muslims in England is outstanding. But I think most TNH readers are especially interested in John Roberts and the supreme court. And the Times has yet another story about him that really doesn't, as it acknowledges, provide any glimpses into his politics other than to say he's conservative and focused on process. That's about all that comes through from their interviews with about half the people who were fellow Supreme Court Clerks the year he worked for Rehnquist.

If all these people who've worked so closely with him over the years aren't able to describe his politics in detail, I have to wonder what the fundies know or think they know about him that convinces them so strongly that he's "one of them?"

I don't know if they necessarily have anything. They may very well just be drawing a lesson from the nuclear option deal aftermath, and declaring victory.

I would. Since there seems to be so little doubt about his ability to be confirmed, why not jump on the "victory" bandwagon?

Yeah, that's my take, with one little addition being that his wife is a member of a group with the word "life" in it, which means obviously that she's an enemy of "death," which is so obviously the stated goal of everyone allied against the fundies.


Joe Queenan's review of Edward Klein's hatchet job on Hillary Clinton is hilarious.

He treats the book with the seriousness of purpose that it deserves. And he's really funny.

You've probably all seen this already, but in case not -- Time has a short but suggestive piece on Plametc.

Thanks, Jeff. Something's got to placehold till Fitzgerald's done his homework.

[Roberts'] wife is a member of a group with the word "life" in it, which means obviously that she's an enemy of "death," which is so obviously the stated goal of everyone allied against the fundies.

Ah, that calls for a little walk down memory lane. It seems like ages ago that that winsome Peggy gal graced the world (as only she can grace it) with a piece of 'creative writing' called In Love With Death :

The pull-the-tube people say, "She [Schiavo] must hate being brain-damaged." Well, yes, she must. (This line of argument presumes she is to some degree or in some way thinking or experiencing emotions.) Who wouldn't feel extreme sadness at being extremely disabled? I'd weep every day, wouldn't you? But consider your life. Are there not facets of it, or facts of it, that make you feel extremely sad, pained, frustrated, angry? But you're still glad you're alive, aren't you? Me too. No one enjoys a deathbed. Very few want to leave.

(I just love the 'facets of it/facts of it' line). Can you eat enough to vomit enough? Me either.


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