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July 16, 2005


Dear DeminCT,

The parallels to the Nixon administration are becoming more striking by the day, as you write. Yet with respect to the investigation, I think a change in the administration’s (or Rove’s) strategy took place on Friday. It seems to me that through Thursday, they were treating Joe Wilson as numero uno on the enemy’s list. I might be getting off topic here, but did anyone else notice that the leaks to the media on Friday contained relatively fewer attacks on Wilson and more attempts to defend Rove? Billmon has an analysis of the latest leak to the AP. He raises the possibility that Rove and co. have heard that a damaging story is coming out in Time. We won’t know for a while if that’s true, but it does seem to me that the change in strategy is either an admission that the attacks on Wilson aren’t working or that something else about Plamegate might be coming out.

that's Swopa's theory via Billmon. And I guess we find out Sunday.


Ever since Isikoff's article came out (the article oddly quoted a "lawyer sympathetic to the White House that they're worried about a Rove indictment," which makes no sense, since it makes it CW that Rove is guilty), I've suspected one of two things. Either Rove intentionally accepted the blame for this week (in an attempt to draw the attention away from Libby and the larger conspiracy) or Libby/Cheney were trying to cast blame on Rove to avoid speculation on their own role. I still don't know which of those is most likely (I do know that Wilson was told there was real animosity between Rove and Libby over this). But in any case, we may be seeing Rove regaining the upperhand in a PR battle against Libby.

Streisand makes both Nixon's and Goldberg's enemy lists. A star was born.

But in any case, we may be seeing Rove regaining the upperhand in a PR battle against Libby.

For a day, maybe. No more than that. Still too much being leaked.

True, to a degree. Rove's PR assault will be drastically changed after Cooper's story comes out tomorrow.

Later incarnations of the Nixon list contained groups, as well as individuals, so the actual included number was several thousand. I got on at 17, for activities in the runup to protests outside the 1972 Republican National Convention in Miami.

see, it's still a badge of honor ;-)

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