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July 26, 2005


Sometimes, no most times, the KISS principle is the best way to explain phenomena rather than complicated system guesswork or a pet personal thesis or a nice sounding catch phrase of the day. People have needs and to meet those needs, business owners and/or governments try to do so. In trying to meet peoples' needs, business owners and/or governments look for needed workers with the minimum level of needed skills to do the jobs and the lowest wages to get the job done most cheaply or to make the most profit. Workers on the other hand can maximize their wages if they can prevent business owners and/or governments from forcing the lowest wages or skills on the entire system (race to the bottom). Anything that allows business owners and/or governments a way around the ability of workers to stop them from making more profit or providing needed services most cheaply will weaken some workers positions. If the ability of workers to get ahead by unionizing is declining, then what mechanisms are allowing business owners and/or governments to bypass or let the air out of previous union workers' strangehold on the ability of business owners and/or governments to make the most profits or provide needed services most cheaply?

Take any issue and analyze it using this simple paradigm, and you will quickly be able to see the answers to your "why" questions, IMO.

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