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July 28, 2005


It is pretty incredible, isn't it? I mean, anyone who's ever watched even so much as a cheesy TV movie would know what it means when the CIA tells you they can "neither confirm nor deny," or whatever, and then they tell you not to use the name. When the person in question works for the CIA, for God's sake -- THE CIA! -- what else could it possibly mean? It's not like you're calling the local department store to find out if someone works in the men's hoisery department, and they won't confirm or deny.

Anyway, no surprise that there's now speculation that Judy Miller was functioning as perhaps something other than a journalist. The administration is busy functioning as something other than a government, so why should anyone operate within their traditional roles?


Maybe they just didn't want to get more specific about Plame because she had had a bad performance review in the past and their policy is not to say anything if you would have to say something bad?

Yes, that must be it. Not only was Plame a desk jockey, but Harlow is actually the H.R. Director.

I already had a "Judith Miller goes to jail for the wrong reasons" party.

Maybe I can have a "Judith Miller goes to jail for the right reasons" party too.

Questions -- yea, questions.

First off, the Huffington story notes that Judy called Intelligence contacts, and Libby in the VP's office would not be so described. So the question is, who did she call before she talked to people in the WH?

I've noted, as have others, that since Judith went to Jail, the Wilson's have issued a supportive statement, and Joe has made a few similar statements on TV. Does anyone have a fix on what's going on here? I read his statements as "Judy is Victim" material -- not as we are assuming, that she was an operative. Any insight?

Sara, for the record, just because Arianna repeats Times gossip doesn't make it true... or false. She presents it more or less as another theory.

Hard to figure Judith Miller's actual role without more data.

btw, this Times article says at least three sources for reporters, as Pincus has someone other than Rove and Libby.

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