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July 25, 2005


I believe it will be discussed later this hour on talk of the nation, fwiw.

Actually, there is far more recent information about this show, which is going to deal with both the guys over there and their families back here. There was an article in the LA Times Calendar section this last week, about the first three episodes being shown to a group of Marines at Camp Pendleton recently back from Iraq, to see what their response was. They all said they felt the show told the reality they had known over there as well as could be expected from people who hadn't actually been there themselves. The guy who is co-creator of the show (his name escapes me at the moment) is well-known here for writing gritty, realistic military dramas, and is a vet himself.

Let the Lower Slobbovians of Rightieland go off all they want about this - that was what they did with "NYPD Blue," and they also didn't like "Hill Street Blues." If this show comes anywhere close to what was done on those two shows, I have no fear that the public will forget whatever the Slobbos spew.

Yer Hollywierd Reporter

I'm not so sure the temperature is constant. Rumblings of Iraqi civil discourse would result in an increased T. Take the generalized version of Boyle's Law, the ideal gas law (PV=RT, P=pressure, V=volume, R=constant, T=temperature), and you see that you have two quantities increasing. If our "volume" doesn't increase at a rate twice that of which our P and T are increasing, we have ourselves an exploded boiler of public opinion.

Sounds like we need a few more "Over There"s to accomodate us.

Do you think there's any correclation to Einstein's theory that the universe is expanding and that the Republican brain is shrinking at an equal rate?

uh oh... I think we just got hit by a series of roadside IEMs (improvised explosives metaphors).

Remember, idiocy is neither created nor destroyed, it is just moved around

I love the fact no Republican could make sense of this thread. :-)

I obviously have not seen the show, but I watch a lot of television, mostly dramas. It is one of the most powerful dramatic mediums ever, in which a character like Andy Sipowicz can be developed over a period of years and hundreds of hours, not the two or three one gets in a theatre.

The Republican noise machine can piss and whine all it wants but if Over There develops over time into a drama with the kind of momentum N.Y.P.D. Blue had there's nothing they can do. Most Americans are basically liberal. Too many of them don't know it, and a Clintonian-Democratic fantasy like West Wing or the forthcoming clone that stars Geena Davis does nothing to reach them. A show like this, if it succeeds, could be a force on a level that Karl Rove just doesn't have the bones to operate on. What are they going to do? Trot out good old Bob Dole or revisionist Vietnam veterans like Ollie North? That may have worked against John Kerry 35 years after the fact, but you can't revise history until after it's been made!

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