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June 15, 2005


I presume we'll be replacing whichever of the Darths is serving as Secretary of Defense with Sandra Bullock.

Not Syvester Stallone, that's for sure...

• Press Secretary Jon Stewart would manhandle vapid White House correspondents.

• As HHS Secretary Dave Chappelle would fight passionately for medical marijuana and health care coverage for depression.

• Former Senator Max Cleland would be a good pick for Homeland Security, proving that his opposition to the personnel system in the department did NOT indicate that he had joined al qaeda.

I propose we call the Al Franken Decade, "Franken's Time."

HHS Susan Sarandon

Surgeon General: Dr. Ruth.

Bruce Springsteen for Secretary of Labor

Obviously, Tom Davis would be veep. America needs a "Franken & Davis" administration.

One issue I hadn't pondered: would they still be called Frankin' privileges?

Honestly, I like Al, but think Garrison Keillor would make a better Senator for MN, imagine the speeches he'd give on the floor of the Senate...back to Al's 2012 Cabinet, how about Tommy Chong as Secretary of Commerce?

I think the 80s were the Al Franken decade, and ten years later he appeared on Weekend Update with his son to proclaim the 90s the "Al Franken, Jr. Decade."

As for the cabinet, I am torn between wanting to see it filled by his former compatriots from SNL or staffed by every losing Democratic presidential and vice-presidential nominee still living, kind of like the "Superfriends."

I was immersed in a conversation of a political nature, and flicked on CSPAN on mute just to see what was cooking.

"WTF? Bernie Sanders has a amendment up for a vote, and it's PASSING!!!"

"What's the amendment?"

"I dunno, it doesn't say ... but whatever it is, he's got 199 D's and about 35 R's ... oh, wait, it's about Patriot Act and library records."

35 little Declarations of Independence?

Or just a raft of next fall's candidates getting their obligatory "I am not a rubber stamp" ticket stamped?

Following up about that CSPAN clip, is the way the VT GOP is trying to attack sanders on the fact that he has been an "ineffective extremist".

Monday's press release from the RNSC was titled "Bernie Sanders: An Ineffective Extremist and Extremely Ineffective."

The evidence provided was the charge that Sanders has introduced 155 bills since arriving in Congress back in 1991 and only one has become law!

Someone with some more knowledge in legislative jargon should probably help me out here. The counter-claim is Sanders has passed numerous floor amendments (14 by the count of Sanders' chief of staff). What is the difference? How difficult would it have been for an independent that caucuses with Democrats to pass a bill, as opposed to floor amendments? I would hazard a guess to say that bills would be next to impossible to pass, thanks to DeLay's iron-fisted control of the House. So even getting floor amendments to pass would be a pretty good accomplishment, right?

Thanks to Peter Freyne of Seven Days for the info and quotes.

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