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June 13, 2005


did anyone else notice that this was on Drudge? What does THAT mean?

It means that the groundwork for "Sensenbrenner's come undone, and even Republicans know he needs some 'time out at the farm'" is already laid.

Democrats were able to extract an ounce of flesh last time Sensenbrenner went off the deep end, simply by keeping up the pressure and using their points of personal privilege to embarrass Republicans. They ought to do the same this time, but get the rest of the pound they were owed from last time.

Thank God for C-Span!

Regarding Drudge, I also noticed that he mentioned it. He knows he needs to maintain his relevance. And there's an amusing bit on Drudge this morning. The headline is Hillary hysterics, but right below it, first column, is this interesting juxtiposition:

Dem Chair Dean: 'FOXNEWS Is
A Propaganda Outlet For The
Republican Party'...

Cheney: Dean 'over the

For stating the obvious?

-- Rick Robinson

Remember this is the guy who held up the intelligence bill in order to get some restrictive measures against immigrants. His anti-immigrant stand is on a par with Tom Tancredo. He is truly an embarrassment to the Congress and to his home state, although in his case it is hard to tell if it is ideology or chemical imbalance or something else entirely.

Oh, I won't forget. He held up emergency appropriations for Iraq, as well. He's been as much an embarrassment to Congress as a whole as he has been a problem child for his own party. They ought to be glad to be rid of him.

If only he could be censured but we could continue to have him throw his temper tantrums for the cameras. One thing Democrats need these days is the best of both worlds.

Sensenbrenner travel = almost $177,000


"Representative F. James Sensenbrenner Jr., a Wisconsin Republican elected in 1978, has accepted more money in privately financed trips than any other member of Congress since 2000, according to PoliticalMoneyLine.

Interest groups have spent almost $177,000 on Mr. Sensenbrenner's travels, including trips to Japan, Thailand, France, Germany, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Bahrain and Dubai."

Lots to learn in Liechtenstein.

Lichtenstein ...?
Kazakhstan was actually the one that caught my eye.

Some interesting details from

"Sponsor - Youth Movement for the Future of KazKHATn
Purpose - To meet with officials from the Kazakhstan government and to view the launch of a rocket"

And from the same site, here's another fun one:
"Sponsor - Recording Industry Association of America
Dates - January 10, 2003 - January 17, 2003 (8 days)
Location - Taipei, Taiwan - Bangkok, Thailand
Purpose - judiciary committee fact-finding trip
Notes - spouse, Cheryl W. Sensen
Total Cost - $11,685.09
Additional family members - Yes"

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