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June 07, 2005


yeah, but don't misunderestimate Frist... I mean, he can make a comeback by getting Brown approved 52-48 and Bolton 51-49. And lose on stem cells 76-24.

Wouldn't that make him look competent?

I know you're just kidding, but at some point someone in the GOP conference is going to ask when Frist has ever delivered a vote that he wasn't going to get anyway.

And that's actually a question that shouldn't reflect creditably on Mitch McConnell, either. So if he's the presumptive successor, that's something the conference is going to have to ignore or rationalize away. Not that I doubt their ability to do so, nor that McConnell's been coasting and can do better.

I think one of the things that pissed off Lott was that he was blamed for losing Jeffords, when in fact it was the WH who sealed the deal on Jeffords going to the Dems when they dissed him for that bill signing. Sure, I know Jeffords didn't bolt because of that, but it did appear, despite his protestations, to be the final straw. That wasn't Lott's fault, that was the WH's fault, but that, and Lott's realization that the job of a caucus leader is to try to pass legislation, cost him his job. So yeah, the more I think about this, the more it seems that Lott really screwed the Bushies, and laughs about to himself every morning upon waking and every night as he falls asleep.

Lott wants the precious back. "They stole it from us ... nasty White House. We wants it ..."

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