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June 03, 2005


My God, that's funny!

-- Rick Robinson

From PoliticsNJ.com:

Click here to see the song written by American University College Democrat Laura Reznick -- she's the one wearing the Schundler hat and holding up the Schundler sign, and the one wearing the Dean hat and holding up the Dean sign.

Remember Winston Smith? He was the gloomy protagonist in 1984 whose job in those pre-Photoshop days was to "fix" the public record to prove that Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia ...er ... Eurasia ... er ...

How immensely difficult his job would have been had he been hired to work his magic after Gore invented the Internetz.

Geez, what a moron. Stealing a crowd scene? Couldn't find ten friends, huh?

This is one of those moments that just totally pisses me off - that we have to have morons like these idiots for opponents.

In dramatic fiction, the hero is only so heroic as the villain is villainous.

We're up against a bad copy of the Energizer Bunny! Like I keep saying, these idiots don't have the collective IQ to find the zipper on their fly with both hands on a clear day with a 2 hour advance notice (not like they have a clue what goes on behind the zipper either, poor little Taliban fools that they are).

The new meme is, it was a democratic graphics designer who did it on purpose to hurt the Republicans ...

Indeed. According to the AP, Big Fish Studio also did work for Dean, and that's how they claim the photo came to be used. We'll see if that pans out.

If true, that makes for two interesting flips from Dean vendors in the last day or so -- Convio and Big Fish. Bound to happen once in a while, but a little bit embarrassing for everybody. I know that Big Fish features in its online portfolio an event promotion piece it did for GOP Congresman Randy "Duke" Cunningham. I wonder what would move the Dean campaign to contract with them.

I mean, it wasn't even a good photoshop job. It didn't take an expert to see that the Schundler pic was a clumsy fake--the tough part would have been to figure out where the original came from, and even that wasn't too difficult, apparently.

It was a terrible Photoshop job. One of the worst I've ever seen by a professional shop, actually. As some observers pointed out, you could still see Dean's left hand in the composite, if you know what you're looking at.

It's just an interesting case, because every professional ad or design agency knows that when you're using photos for commercial purposes like this, obtaining the rights is a basic and crucial first step in preparing the materials for final publication. That a professional web designer would "forget" this along the way, and that the account executive in charge of the project would do the same... well, it seems odd. We'll say that.

Reminds me of commander shrub-meets adoring Louisiana troops--oops. There's twins, no triplets, quads in the crowd. And look, they have the same exact tilt to the head aqnd expressions. Maybe they is army clones. Rethug response: just filling in the holes. Next year they goin to need clones. Thanks for the smile.

Nice posts. Thanks.

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