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May 15, 2005


If a gay man BEAT his child SO BADLY that this child was sent to the hospital, how do you think Mr. Winburn and Mr. Malone would have reacted?

My guess is that not only would they be demanding that local authorities remove the child from his custody, but that they'd also be telling anyone who listened that the beating was a manifestation of the gay man's irrepressible, sadomasochistic sexual thirst.

Boston Globe (01.10.05):

"On a spring day, Susan Lawrence was flipping through a magazine, Home School Digest, when she came across an advertisement that took her breath away. In it, 'The Rod,' a $5 flexible whipping stick, was described as the 'ideal tool for child training'.

'Spoons are for cooking, belts are for holding up pants, hands are for loving, and rods are for chastening,' read the advertisement she saw nearly two years ago for the 22-inch nylon rod. It also cited a biblical passage, which instructs parents not to spare the 'rod of correction'."

Sale of spanking tool points up larger issue

Ms. Lawrence has posted what appear to be copies of the ad here and here.

She petitioned the Consumer Product Safety Commission to ban the sale of the Rod of Correction, but last month, the commission found "no basis for determining that the product constitutes a substantial product hazard."

The manufacturer, Clyde Bullock of Eufaula, OK, an auto mechanic and a Southern Baptist, says he's sold hundreds of Rods of Correction. He also told the Globe that production of the Rod of Correction has been "voluntarily" halted, due in no small part to Ms. Lawrence.

According to the Globe, Mr. Bullock believes the Rod of Correction is in keeping with biblical teachings that a Rod of Correction be used only as a "last resort" to train children. To his credit, Mr. Bullock opposes using the Rod of Correction on babies.

An update, from The State, Columbia, SC (05.13.05):

The maker of The Rod apparently has kept his promise to stop making the instrument designed for spanking.

And as a result, an Arlington, Mass., woman who has been lobbying the federal government to ban The Rod has closed a petition on her Web site seeking support. The Web site, stoptherod.net, had been seeking signatures for a year. On May 5, the petition was closed out, having captured 1,074 signatures, according to the site.

While I believe the Bullocks should have stopped producing The Rod, caring parents who spank in love should hold on to the tried-and-true method.

‘The Rod’ has been spared, but don’t abandon spanking

This excerpt is from an op/ed by Warren Bolton, an associate editor. Mr. Bolton's mother used to spank him:

"Her instrument of choice was most often the switch. At times, there was the belt. She didn’t always whip me — just the threat was enough."

The State is a Knight-Ridder owned paper, with a weekday circulation of about 115,000.

Thanks for letting us know about that, knobboy. I wish I could say I was surprised by that kind of attitude. Susan Lawrence is a very brave woman.

Kid probably deserved it. Waddaya supposed ta do when your own flesh & blood calls ya a fuckin ignorant knuckle-draggin bible-thumpin neanderthal. Stand there & take it???

I just want someone to ask these guys when the discipline takes hold. Presumably this kid has been getting beaten for at least 10 ofhis 14 years. And he's still "acting up" ("you ignorant knuckle-draggin...") enough to require the rod, right? Well, when does the discipline take hold?

Plain and simple - If someone cannot take the time to spell the name of a city properly, then I would question the validity or merit of the rest of the content they post. The child did not have to be taken to the hospital. The contact was not even enough to break any skin. Anytime a child is spanked, there will be some reminder, whether it is a sore behind, red marks, etc. This action will result in a Catch-22: The child is separated from his own father (his mother is deceased), then 10 years from now, when the child is in trouble with the law, the same critics who said the two should be separated will come back and ask "where is the father?" You cannot have it both ways.

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