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May 13, 2005


If Saad's nomination ever gets a hearing, I hope somebody at least inquires into whether he permitted a case before him to be compromised by a conflict of interest.

A case. A case?

Kevorkian was represented on this appeal by well-known attorney Mayer Morganroth. You might start with him to find out if this story has any legs.

All the nominations being fillibusted against are the fringiest of the fringe right? Complete religious nuts and other such things right? So how would someone who falls under that category get an FBI file? Maybe hanging around with/donating money to/etc like-minded individuals who do more than just talk?

I happen to know that Henry Saad and Mara Letica were in fact NOT romantically involved when this case was being heard. However, that does make for good gossip and hearsay. Nice "reporting".

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