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May 19, 2005


One characteristic of Bush Jr is his tendency to try to anticipate and avoid the mistakes his father made. Recall that Bush Sr's tardy and inadequate response to Hurricane Andrew was a factor in Clinton's success in FL in 1992. Bush always tried to show up and look concerned, at least at disasters in states he stood a chance of winning. Avoiding his father's mistakes, plus brother Jebbie, plus the need to hold the state would provide sufficient rationale for being less stingy with aid than in some other places. Not that it's right, of course.

See our coverage of this at Facing South: Blog of the Progressive South:


The few media outlets that have covered this have mentioned the political angle, but usually at the bottom of the story. As we point out, though, the politicization of disaster aid is nothing new. In fact, everything about "natural disasters" is highly political. But that doesn't make it any less outrageous.

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