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May 28, 2005


Box. Rocks. Bag. Hammers. & c.

At least now we know his price.

To be fair, he's really, really stupid.

Look at it this way; he just gave another juicy issue for exploitation to his opponent in his next election cycle.

Mario: Kudos for pulling one of those deft moves where you both giveth and taketh away.

Well... just to be a language pedant because someone has to: "coincidence" is just the noun form of "coincide", meaning two things happening on top of or near each other, like my birthday and Bruce Lee's birthday. Technically it doesn't imply anything one way or the other about meaning or lack of it. It's only in fairly recent usage that it's come to be shorthand for "meaningless coincidence".

But that actually makes Santorum's reply even dumber, since in the technical sense it's undeniably true that the introduction of the bill coincided with the donation.

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