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May 19, 2005


Kenneth Tomlinson, the Republican chairman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting wants to force PBS and NPR to broadcast news and opinion biased in favor of the radical right, all in the name of “Fairness and Balance”.

The Facts are The Facts, no matter who is embarrassed or affected by them. It is the legal duty of PBS and NPR to report on the facts without concern for the consequences to any political party (required by the Public Broadcasting Act).

Factual news stories that report on events that are alleged to have happened and verified by multiple sources or evidence can never be considered to have a liberal or conservative bias.

Opinion shows are a different matter entirely. Opinions are expected to be biased towards the point of view of the speaker.

If Kenneth Tomlinson and the Republicans in congress want "Balance" in opinions on PBS then they should be given exactly what they are asking for.

If every speaker and statement of opinion on every PBS news and opinion show is evaluated and every conservative speaker or minute of conservative opinion is required to be balanced by a liberal speaker or minute of liberal opinion and vice versa, the conservatives will have screaming fits since they currently enjoy a better than 3 to 2 bias in favor of conservative speakers and opinions.

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