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May 04, 2005


As you suggest, it's really too clear: for Republicans, being unbiased means taking their side. That FOX slogan isn't deceptive in their minds; it's pure truth. Jim Lehrer counts as biased, but that Wall Street Journal editorial wank-fest is good journalism.

I spend plenty of time screaming at Lehrer -- for me, he frames too many things with a slight GOP advantage -- but I'm perfectly willing to accept that anything that didn't annoy me occasionally would probably be too slanted my way. Republicans, at least those in charge, seem incapable of this realization.

Two questions for you:

How do you think it breaks down in the GOP, as to how many believe this stuff they're peddling, and for how many it's simply the raw exercise of power you mention? I'd almost be happier if it were the latter; power-mongers at this level are despicable, but those who really believe their own propaganda scare me to death.

Do you think things like this can tip off the remaining mainstream media to just how radical this GOP is? Or will they continue, Howie-Kurtz-style, to "try and accommodate their point of view"?

Good questions. Based on the Leno featuring of a Bob Dylan-type folksinger, and my previous posts about the Bush slide (parts I-XVII), maybe we're there with the meda.

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