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May 17, 2005


What a complete disaster. I had heard of this second-hand; it's good you did this story. Can he be taken down without a descent into identity politics? Any good Af-Am challengers in the wings?

I wish Dennis Archer could have been mayor forever. I have such respect for that man. I do think he took some good steps towards digging out of an untenable situation, but you don't erase a travesty like the Coleman Young era overnight.

I don't get what's so special about Kilpatrick - talk of him being mayor forever seems about as realistic as Bush's mandate. I mean, the election was between him and Gil Hill, who is about 150 years old, right? If those are your two imperfect choices, it's pretty obvious who you are going to pick to hopefully lead Detroit towards a new era, but I'm not sure that means people were all that enthused about him except in a relative sense.

Any challenger in Detroit is likely to be African-American; the city is over 80% African-American, and only about 10% non-Arab caucasion. As usual, there will be about 60-80 people who file for the election, but the top two finishers are likely to be Kilpatrick and Freeman Hendrix, who was initially Archer's Chief of Staff, and then in Archer's second term his deputy mayor. He's already raising good money, he'll have good consultants, and most of labor and almost all of the business community will probably be on his side. He's also older than Kilpatrick--I think he's in his early 50's--and comes across as very bright but more...um, how to say it..more adult than Kilpatrick.

Some folks whose opinions I respect are all but certain Hendrix will make the runoff, and that the final result will be close.

Money will be key: Detroit is the sixth largest media market in America, and a heavy rotation of Detroit television will cost about $350,000-$400,000 per week. Absentees are usually about 40% of the vote, so you have to be up heavy long before election day. To pull it off, Hendrix may have to raise a couple million.

I saw him once on C-Span years ago and he creeped me out. I did not like him them and still don't. He's an embarassment to African Americans. To make matters worse, the likes of Tavis Smiley and Tom Joyner fill his head with praises and he probably's gotten to big for his britches.


and I was about to defend him before I read your extended copy! Very, very tough job, the economy struggling, and I seem to recall some battles with city council (never a good sign). I have heard very good things about his mother and thought he was a good guy, but this behavior is exactly what Detroit and Michigan cannot afford right now. Some of the charges such as the Super Bowl jaunt may actually be legit as we are hosting the big event next year, but others are over the top. Will he survive? Maybe. Mostly depends on the opponent I guess.

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It seems like such an injustice has been happening to the city of Detoit,and the people that reside here concerning the recent scandle with mayor Kilpatrick.My main concerns are not so much about the text messaging or the alledged affair,but more with the lies and misuse of tax payer dollars.I just hope that justice will be served,and that an investagation will look into all the activities of this mayor.

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