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May 17, 2005


I love this:
Dr. Scheuren is the current President of the American Statistical Association

So now it's that much harder for the quant people with zero background in exit/political/public opinion polling or election data to claim that the anti-fraudniks (myself among them) can express an informed opinion on the issue because we lack a PhD in mathematics or statistics.

Now it's time to quite focusing on whether the vote totals were tampered with and remember that there are still numerous problems with election administration in the US, and focus on what can be changed instead of ranting that "Rove stole the election."

non-PhD Febble (Elizabeth Liddle) had her paper extremely well received by the big shots, who between them do have some degrees and some practical experience under their belts. I don't mind people being wrong either way, but I hate this appeal to authority crap. My PhD can beat up your PhD. And mine's bigger. Sheesh.

I love this loaded line:

While by more than two-to-one (49%-23%), more say they approve than disapprove of their own representative in the House, this is comparable to measures of satisfaction in the summer of 1993,

Not sure that it means anything. But I love it nevertheless.

I'm astounded the Pew poll hasn't gotten more play on the lefty blogosphere.

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