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May 03, 2005


This puts the mild rebuke to Dobsonites in Bush's press conference in a different light. CW is that Bush is 'one of them' and can do no wrong, so he can position himself with a wink and a nudge to look 'compassionate', all with impunity.

I'm not sure they're ready to put pressure on him like they are on Jeb. Guess we should call Randall Terry and ask. Who wants to volunteer?

You'd probably just get a busy signal, what with God tying up Randall Terry's line and all...

I wouldn't be so quick to see cracks in the Thug facade. The wingnuts are so completely blind they will always do what they are told. On the other hand, the corporatists have benefitted greatly from all the wingnuttery and therefore have no reason whatsoever to oppose their actions, no matter how vulgar.

It's the Schiavos and other psychotic melodramas that allow bills like the BK Abomination to pass without any mention in the press. Thus far, every new tax cut, every new pork bill, every new billion dollar giveaway is well covered over by those wackos. It's a marriage made in Hades.

Robertson's the biggest of big businessmen among them, but then a couple days after the election Falwell was commanding the faithful to get back to church and leave their elected officials alone. The leadership is happy to play ball, but as Schiavo shows, the rank-and-file can get out of control.

You're right, there's a danger the radicals are finally going to wake up and realize they've traded money and votes for lip service all these years, another reason I think they see '08 as their best chance.

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