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May 25, 2005


I'm surprised they didn't release this one, which comes not from detainees but rather from a military contractor:

Notes, "I did see detainees in various states of dress to include nakedness and detainees. The MPs used segregation and stripping as a way to keep the detainees under control and to keep them from talking. . . .On one occasion, I had a conversation with REDACTED concerning the IROE and interrogation approaches. I gave him examples of approached including Pride and Ego Down where an interrogator took a Koran, threw it on the floor and stepped on it and Fear Up harsh where the interrogator had a a dog trained to bark on cue if the interrogator thought the detainee was lying. I also explained sleep deprivation. I told him that in Afghanistan the interrogators could use an adjusted sleep schedule for detainees. The conversation was meant to explain why these activities were prohibited or restricted. . . . There was intense pressure from the command to provide intelligence reporting."

see also previous story, same topic from last week.

I was never an ACLU member, in part because of their position on campaign finance reform. But I joined when i read that they were aiding the plaintifs in a court case involving prisoners tortured in Guantanamo. (I might be wrong, but I think Rumsfeld is the defendant in one case.) The scary thing is, the ACLU is doing the job that the media should do.

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