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May 07, 2005


don't miss Hunter's excellent Children of the Corn on the same topic.

See also Plutonium Page's stories on same.

Poor Kathy doesn't know the difference between scan and skim. But that seems to be the least of her problems.

Bwahahahahahaaaahhaaaaa ... what a buncha maroons.

Since the "case" against evolution is mainly composed of rhetorical tricks, maybe leaving the scientists at home and just going with a sharp lawyer was a smart move. Somewhere, Clarence Darrow is smiling.

Darrow lost the battle, of course, but (we thought) ultimately won the war. This may well be a replay with similar results.

But you're right, Blue, this was never about the facts.

more fron the AP:

Witnesses trying to persuade Kansas officials to encourage more criticism of evolution in public school classrooms are making statements some scientists say betrayed creationist views.

Witnesses in a State Board of Education hearing on how the theory should be taught also have acknowledged they hadn't fully read evolution-friendly science standards proposed by educators. Nor had two of three presiding board members.

Sometimes I believe keeping it simple is the best defense in this anti-creationist argument, at least to win over any fencesitters. The true far-out-there crowd is likely lost forever, and if one's society is mostly made up of this crowd, the future for that society looks dim!

The defense should center on the well accepted idea that without a secure foundation, any building cannot stand for long. Claims about a deity creating something can never be proven or disproven, and any social actions resultant from such claims/beliefs have no natural foundation. They are doomed to failure at the hands of societies that do follow logical scientific methods to advance! Therefore, the obvious economic and quality of life gains of the last 200 years that were overwhelmingly sponsored by the scientific method are unlikely to ever be repeated in a society that has all the answers in a pre-determined mindset of its religious scholars blaming God for all happenings and shunning innovation they dislike. Their view was called and lead to the dark ages for a reason.

Surely all but braindead, frightened little people can see the wisdom of the scientific method being in control of any foundations being put down!

Would you think me cynical, NG, if I said that exposing the creationists as bigoted yahoos is a better and simpler defense than what you propose?


I would have agreed with you 4 or more years ago when I thought a repeat of the Monkey trials was just a fantasy without any realistic chance to be supported by many Americans and the media! Now, as I stumble out of may shock and paralysis that this is really happen at all, I don't think your approach is solid enough to do the job that needs to be done!

I believe the gains we have made using the scientific method need to be CLEARLY shown to the average American, and why these gains were really made possible via this method (good repeatable buildable foundations). Any unmoveable (by definition) foundation based on unnatural forces and faith just cannot be a foundation you can count on. For example, praying did not lead to curing smallpox! With enough examples of the dangers of stagnation from pure unfounded BS foundations outside the scienctific realm, I think most Americans can be made to see the real dangers here!

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