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May 26, 2005


Is there no end to the damage the Teamsters cause for labor, the Democrats and, now, America's rank and file?

To decades of thuggery, thievery, corruption, mob ties and endorsement and funding for the campaigns of Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, Hoffa Jr. now proposes to assist Dubyanocchio in wrecking perhaps the greatest legacy of the New Deal?

Given the history of quid pro quo between the GOP and the Teamsters, one can only ask what Jr. hopes to gain from this latest betrayal of working-class Americans. Is there some new scandal he doesn't want investigated? If so, he can surely count on Republicans to help with that, as they did for 20 years after the Nixon endorsement.

Makes one wish the Teamsters had never been pressured to rejoin the AFL-CIO.

Teamsters have been embracing new coalition partners for generations.

Remember, kids, every time you embrace new coalition partners, you are embracing new coalition partners with everyone they've ever embraced new coalition partners with.

Thanks for posting about Hoffa. I've just spent some time reading labor blogs -- why isn't everyone screaming about this?

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