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May 15, 2005


Interestingly, broder on Meet the Tim says the "old bulls" (Warner, Specter, maybe Roberts are my choices) will vote against Frist and the new senatorial kids from the House who think the Senate should run like the house does.

Incidentally, who ARE the liberals who are hell-bent for a showdown?

I heard about them on NPR early this morning ... and I heard about them again on Meet The Press ... but I don't know of any, and it's hard to imagine any such liberals exist.

It's easier to imagine some new talking points have gone into heavy rotation on the Mighty Wurlitzer. Other sightings?

So what is our response if Frist wins this?

So what is our response if Frist wins this?

No 'unanimous consent' on anything, ever again.
Then make them change that rule.

At some point the farce the senate has in fact become, and the sheeple's mental imagoe of what the senate is, will begin to merge.

Then you'll get either a 1974-style repudiation of an entire party, or the death of the Republic. (If it wasn't killed on 12.12.200, for which position a good argument can be made.

In twenty years there will either be no America, or a very different America, as we currently understand the term.

Interesting times, no?


Here's a previous post about the Democratic view of a post-nuclear Senate.

It's actually kind of an exciting prospect, although I doubt anything really constructive will come out of it.

Not that I think either of these are likely nays but it was interesting to me to hear Lamar Alexander on PBS's NOW on Friday say that pulling the nuclear option would "not be good for the Senate or for the country." Seems to me the basis of some really good advertising against him if he votes AYE.

And this morning, on Late Edition, Sen. Lugar expressed grave doubts also to Wolf Blitzer. Enough so that Wolf said, "So you'll vote no?" To which Lugar replied, "Not necessarily."

For one of the few times lately, the floor debate might just really matter.

As for who the rabid liberals are who want this, I haven't seen them either.

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