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May 29, 2005


WHO is trying to do the right thing. See (or rather, listen to) All Things Considered:

All Things Considered, May 27, 2005 · International law requires nations to report outbreaks of only three diseases: cholera, plague and yellow fever. That's changing under sweeping new regulations approved this week that require nations to tell the World Health Organization about any outbreak with the potential to spread across borders.

some more: U.S. Criticized Over Bird Flu Plans

>China also claims to be developing a vaccine, which, along with everything else we read, is impossible to objectively verify.<

The claims of a human to human contagion with hundreds of victims are also hard to verify.  One cite I saw that gave raw automatic translations of some of the uncensored blogs out of the area gave accounts which seemed to some readers to suggest that this might just be an attempt to use the admitted large kill of wild geese in the area to push for better health care systems in a very remote and impoverished area.

But valid or not, a claim like this just can not be ignored.  It shows how important it is that there be international transparency is such situations.  There needs to be some sort on international framework that would assure that independent teams could fully explore all such claims that have any plausibility.

The idea of rapid human to human transmission coupled with a very high death rate is the sort of "perfect storm" of viral evolution that makes epidemiologists come down with cold sweats. We need international structures that will ensure quick objective evaluation of such potential threats.  They have happened before and they will happen again and in many ways the modern world is more vulnerable than in earlier centuries.

Thanks, Fred in Vermont, for your links and for payin' attention.

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Roche faces Tamiflu production bottleneck following WHO bird flu warning

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