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May 31, 2005


For this reason I truly hope Vilsack runs to take Iowa off the table. Would be an excellent development for the calendar. And Vilsack might even have some talent, who knows. He's a regular Midwestern family guy.

One more reason we shouldn't have IA as a first-in-the-nation. It's caucus system disenfranchises anyone whose work (or childcare) situation prevents them from attending a 2-hour weeknight meeting. That a lot of people who should be voting democratic.

I don't think there's any way IA and NH won't go 1-2 in the order in 2008. But by changing the order of the subsequent primaries and spreading them out, it will give other states more influence. This last time, they were the only two states that really mattered, because with Kerry beating Dean in IA and then the two guys from adjoining states going 1-2 in NH, pretty much everyone else was an afterthought. Had there not been seven states contesting just a week after NH, the field wouldn't have been winnowed down to John Kerry and the guy who lost to Wesley Clark in five of their first eight contests, with everyone else an afterthought. And as you know, because of the early schedule and the fact that there were seven states going on the same day right after NH, most of those states got almost no attention, and the ones right after "mini-Tuesday"--MI, WA and ME--were completely ignored until the last couple days, and even then Edwards and Clark didn't come to Michigan.

The nomination and VP slot were essentially decided by IA, NH and SC, with lesser influence from ND, AZ and NM. We can't have that happen ever again.

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