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May 13, 2005


Excuse me, Americans don't trust him on SS but trust him on taxes?? Why?? You can argue that the tax cuts have made the long term fiscal health of the government worse, and since Social Security's surpluses are being used to finance the deficits, the deficits could hurt SS in the long run. I think Robert Rubin made a similar point in today's NYTimes. So why would anyone trust Bush on taxes? I do wonder if this is an case that Democrats could make to start taking the issue of taxes away from the Republicans.

They believe his motives: the American people specifically like the idea of a simplified tax system, which is what the Q was.

They, otoh, still think he's lying about what he really wants with SS.

Answer: because the Democrats haven't done a good enough job of tying the problems with SS, Medicare, and heck, the budget deficit itself to Bush's irresponsible tax cuts. Most people don't even understand why the budget deficit even matters to them, except that it sounds bad in some abstract sense. We have to start explaining to the rank and file why putting billions of dollars of our debt in the hands of countries like China is a bad thing.

And yeah, the R's have to deal with DECADES of distrust arising from their efforts to undo SS. Well-earned distrust, too.

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