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May 31, 2005


Site for their GLBT employees:


I don't mean to take up so much space with these entries, but I do think that these boycotts are very important to diffuse. Ford is a strong ally and that can't be taken for granted. When they went after Kraft, the Kraft people were getting hate calls 10-to-1 over pro-gay calls.

These guys are amazing.

So, why Ford, but not GM and Daimler-Chrysler, whose policies on employee benefits and other issues of importance to GLBT folks are almost identical?

Hmmm, wouldn't be because Ford's just retired CFO is gay, would it? Can't have anything to do with the fact that he was a major contributor to the effort to defeat the so-called "same-sex marriage amendment" in Michigan, where the proponents were forced to spend over $2 million (including the money spent by the Roman Catholic Church), more money than the combined amount spent in the other 10 states with marriage amendments on the ballot last November? Can't be because said retired Ford CFO contributed something like half a million dollars to the construction of an amazing GLBT community center being build in suburban Detroit, could it?

Nah, what would make me think such a thing...

What could be better than "taking up so much space" with this stuff? One, we need to know who's catching flak for doing right. Two, what better way to illustrate the rapacious nature of the right-wing beast? The more space you're forced to take up, the more ridiculous they look.

There is absolutely a business to be built in consulting with corporations on this issue. How to recognize when you're vulnerable to attack, and from what quarters. And of course, what to do about it when it comes.

Just as with Kraft, this should be an issue of tremendous concern to Ford shareholders. If the company doesn't know by now that its customers are not going to care enough about its corporate giving to make a boycott feasible, then they're not doing enough to understand their market or their corporate philanthropy.

Yeah, forgot to mention what Kagro said; if we're not going to point out this kind of hateful lunacy, we may as well shut this joint down.

Don't apologize for having to respond to the hate; we don't shoot messengers around here.

Well, normally we don't. ;-)

Over at DKos someone mentioned the high Muslim population in Dearborn and the odds that they might support this boycott. I hope that doesn't happen...

Nah. First of all, Ford is probably the biggest employer in Dearborn and the Wayne Co suburbs. Second, Arabs aren't the most gay-tolerant folks around, but they also don't hang out with the Wildmon lunatics. When the religious right backed school vouchers in 2000, it got slaughtered statewide, but I think the margins in Dearborn were even higher than the state averages.

I wouldn't worry about this in Michigan. People here aren't interested in hurting one of the state's two or three largest employers, especially when we already have the nation's highest unemployement rate.

You know the state far better than I do, so I am going to go with your opinion. I hope the people in MI are smarter than the people in Ohio who keep voting for things that ruin their lives.

Well, 57% of people who voted on Proposal 2 in Michigan supported it, so I'm not going to claim special virtue for my fellow Michiganders. But on the Ford thing, I'm not that worried, more bemused by the AFA's hypocrisy.

I had been wondering about those convoys of rainbow-flagged Land Rovers you see everywhere these days.

Now I know!

My take.

Ford is still a place where (I joke with friends who are actually employed there, rather than working as contractors), you can't wear a "nice" shirt to work for fear of being labelled as gay with definite repercussions for your career. But if anyone wants to wear (egads!!) dockers and a polo shirt, then it doesn't matter who you sleep with. Me, I wear bitchy suits with flared legs and I ALWAYS get third and fourth stares.

But this might be turned on its head. I've talked with a number of businesspeople in MI since November who had NO IDEA that Proposal 2 makes domestic partner benes illegal. As soon as I explained this, they were up in arms, angry about what a bad economic move it was. This attack on Ford might serve as a nice opportunity to make it clear to the big employers in MI (the ones that are left, anyway) that the fundies really do mean to hurt their business. I think they call these teaching opportunities.

Am I supporting a boycott if I wasn't going to buy their product in the first place? I'll call them and tell them I support their stance on gay rights, but I ain't buying a Ford (or a GM, for that matter) until they get their quality levels up. I'm not boycotting--I just don't have the money to spend on a POS that I'll have to get fixed every six months.

Incertus, you aren't under any obligation to buy a Ford product. All I would ask is that people call or write Ford and thank them for their support of gay rights. I would guess that many of the people who are calling or writing in complaint also don't own any Ford products.

No, no. Incertus, you are obligated to immediately go and buy a Ford Windstar. Maybe two. More, if you are gay.

That way, not only are you supporting Ford, but you're making a "pro-family" statement. Then we can all attack the AFA for being anti-family for boycotting the leading manufacturer of minivans.

But - but - but I spent all my savings on Velveeta in last month's Kraft counterprotest!

Aaaaaaahhhh!!1 I have conflicting opinions now! Who do I trust? Kagro X or JamesB3?

I gotta go with James on this one--and I've already sent my notes of support.

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