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April 22, 2005


I think if Democrats can't stop Bolton, that is the signal to the GOP that they can open the floodgates and nominate lunatics who make Rod Paige or John Ashcroft seem capable. This guy is a walking Candid Camera moment. He seems like he is there as a dare to any Democrats or sane Republicans, and those who take the dare are going to be smacked down hard.

Bolton looks to be on life support, but we'll see...

To be more clear, I should point out that I don't think the Democrats have done anything wrong in how they have handled Bolton, and if he is confirmed I will not blame them. I think he is there more as a "fuck you" to Democrats than anything else. It would be like Bush nominating Anna Nicole Smith to head the Education Department (although I can't see that big a difference between Anna and Margaret Spellings anyway). I think the real purpose of Bolton is to draw out wavering Republicans and put them on notice that they had better kiss up or lose their primaries.

put them on notice that they had better kiss up or lose their primaries.

the Sen. equivalent of DeLay, huh? Well, Cheney is having a hissy fit and taking names, that's for sure. But this duck is certainly going to be served lame. And it looks like they'll have enough issues with Rs not to worry too much about Ds.

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