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April 05, 2005


At this point, I think that in most places you're right about marriage being something that too many straights still have a problem extending to gays, and I'd add adoption as an area that makes too many straights sqeamish. But in most places in the country, there's a decent acceptance of basic rights for gays that didn't exist 20 years ago.

FWIW, in Michigan, where the "marriage" amendment passed 58-42, the proponents spent about $2-3 million, almost all of it on ads arguing (dishonestly) that the proposal wasn't about domestic partnerships or civil unions (which the polling found had fairly solid support), but only about marriage. So, while I'm not pleased by the still existent sqeamishness about marriage and adoption, I guess I see the glass as not completely empty, but maybe a quarter full, and slowing filling up.

I don't think the public is as opposed to gay adoption as they are to gay marriage, if only because it's more of a cold, hard reality that gays have children and the children need some kind of homes. I don't know, maybe that's naivete, but I've noticed that even in the reddest of states, gay adoption/foster care bans are having a difficult time going through the legislature, even as the "protect marriage" crap sails through.

For couples where one of the partners already has children, you're probably right. I was thinking more about couples adopting a child that isn't the biological child of either person.

You're right, there is probably some kind of difference. I guess I shouldn't take any public support for granted, particularly when there may be "save the children" type amendments down the pipeline.

BTW, this woman (Muller) beat Fred Phelps' granddaughter in the primary. I don't know anything about the man who beat Muller tonight; if someone does, please let us know.

Question for you James:

Say you were in charge of Lambda Legal Defense Fund. What sort of "civil union" vs "marriage" strategy would you pursue?

I'm not trying to start a flame war here. It's a question that this liberal breeder honestly gapples with, and your post seems to be getting at this issue...

(and it's nice to have this forum. I would not try to ask this question at dkos. it would get too flamey. good to see you posting here, i miss you over at kos.)


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