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April 25, 2005


Remeber how Bush's numbers were headed south through the summer of '01?

My wife's take on the poll -- "That low, huh? I guess now some brown people with the wrong God gotta die."

It's hard to be cynical enough to keep up with the news...

the economy's in the forefront, followed by iraq, then terrorism. traditional Dem issues are coming to the forefront. we all knew it was a matter of time.

see this post earlier for how Bush continues to screw up. The 'people' want Bush and congress to address issues of concern to them, not issues of concern to James Dobsen. And the Dobsens of the world will brook no lip.

From the WSJ on Friday:

REMEMBER US? The conservative base President Bush relied on during the presidential election isn't embracing some of his priorities -- namely Social Security reform -- writes Heidi Przybyla on Bloomberg.com. There is "a lot of disappointment" among those who voted for Mr. Bush, many of whom expected him to focus first on a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage or other social issues, says 67-year-old Don Wildmon, a minister and chairman of the American Family Association in Tupelo, Miss. Mr. Wildmon says that voters who identify themselves as conservative Christians, such as himself, are "wising up to the fact that we're very important nine months before an election and we're not very important nine days after that election." The White House says Mr. Bush's Social Security drive isn't in jeopardy, but Mr. Wildmon counters: "Without us, Republicans are going to be in pretty bad shape."

The religious right became disappointed with politics some years ago and pulled back because they thought the biggest centers of power were out of reach (the courts, the white house, congressional leadership). Well, some astute management and candidate choices brought them back.

Hitting the limits of achievable public policy will make them pull back again, and this time it won't just be disappointment, it will be cynicism. They will feel used and disillusioned. Who will they trust in the Republican party....who stands an actual chance of rising to the White House? They won't go for a phony politics of piety like Bushism, they'll insist on the real thing, a fire breathing gay hating dog whipping true believer. And the resulting losses will sting even worse. And then, they'll just quit. Enf of coalition.

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