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April 17, 2005


The insideous irony unfolding from this fiasco is that Iran becomes the next threatening repository of WMD. Bush's move to protect the Homeland is, of course, to bomb the living shit out of all suspected Iranian WMD facilities in June or July. Net result? 4 more years of the unfolding 1000 year repugnican reich. Well, at least the Times is reporting something factual now, now that it is too late to do anything about policy. Why no Times "insight" about the implications of the WMD bazaar? wait here comes Judith with the answers.

I was not of this opinion a few months ago, but I now believe the administration not only knew full well that the wmd argument was trumped up, but that the administration's intent was always to secure a footprint in Iraq while trying to establish a friendlt government to secure American access to oil.

This kind of information - terrifying information - makes me turn to that point of view.

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