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April 02, 2005


I like the way you think :)

That KKK red herring gets more disgusting with
each iteration (when was that? in something like
the '20s, as I recall). Right up there with Swift
Vets smears. But that's not really what I wanted
to say.

I enjoyed three of the headiest weeks of my long
life in West Virginia as a Kerry volunteer last year.
West Virginia-born and -bred, I've spent my so-called
adulthood as a NY Dem, one whose activism pre-2004
was limited to voting in every election. The
uncontested peak moment of my campaign adventure
was finally getting to see Senator Byrd speak--and
of course pull his copy of the constitution out
of his pocket--then to meet him for the first time,
shake his hand, and invite him to move to New York
so I can vote for him. Never mind if he didn't quite
get what I was proposing, and that my best efforts
failed to turn West Virginia blue again (the
candidate made that goal hopeless).

Other hands shaken on the same rope line: Teddy
Kennedy, Jay Rockefeller, and firebrand UMW President
Cecil Roberts. Think about it. Accustomed to hearing
the expression Only in New York a few times a week,
I'll long treasure the memory of that Only in West
Virginia moment.

That sweet old man won't forget Rick when the time comes. The Dean of the Senate is not toothless and has big cred with the rest of the Dem Caucus. When the time comes in the filibuster/nuclear option fight Robert Byrd will be there. His is the kind of majestic voice and presence that will help the Dems at just the right time: When Main Street is watching. Wonder if we'll get to see the fiddle. He does Cicero so well. I'm hoping the opportunity to embrass Santorum comes up, Byrd won't hesitate.

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