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April 15, 2005


Shays, at least, has asked deLay to resign. He doesn't vote that way, I know, but there it is. OTOH, the Note and the other DeLay apologists got a nice writeup yesterday by JMM:

DeNote to DeLay: We've got so much love to give. Isn't this our time?

Today ABC's The Note today gives Tom DeLay an advance exoneration and asks for an interview with the bug man.

Saith the Notesters: "And/but without a functioning House ethics committee, there is no natural forum in which Leader DeLay can clear up the legit unanswered questions about some of his conduct. And/but his unwillingness to do it in the feeding frenzy of a packed press conference seems reasonable. May we suggest an interview with The Note, Dan Allen?"

It's such a tough spot for the bug man, having all these unanswered questions swirling at a time when there's no functioning ethics committee. How could he have known that purging the ethics committee of its three non-DeLay loyalists and forcing through a re-write of the committee's rules to prevent it from issuing any more 'admonishments' of his behavior would lead to such an unhappy impasse?

They say power is the greatest aphrodisiac. And The Note's (as, for that matter, does much of Washington) got it bad.

The Note, of course, only reflects its sources, but dishonesty (aka spin) is part of the game. So, is "pressure growing" like the Brits say, or is he solid like the GOP insiders say?

Well, Tom Tancredo takes the high ground? Sort of. Not something he's done, so far as I know, in the 37 years I've known him.

Oh, I don't think it's the high ground. It's just politics. He has his own reasons to want DeLay gone, and I'll take it.

There's an old expression that has something to do with living, dying and swords. Can't bring it to mind just now, but I'm sure it's apt.

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