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April 08, 2005


I was afraid that the people here would not figure out how bad the Gropenator is. But thanks to a classic GOP over reach, they are catching on.

Calling the nurses "special interests" was his first big mistake. But being a knucklehead, he went even further and took on the cops and firefighters. That started the fall. Now the Teacher's union is running ads about his lies on education. You can't watch tv at night without seeing the ad at least once.

He still has the talk radio wing but his support is dropping like Bush's and he has a lot farther to go. He came in as an almost independant candidate, as opposed to the current extremist GOP, but has tied himself to the GOP with his boneheaded ideas and thugish behavior. We have a damn good shot at taking him down in 06, or is it 08?

Make no mistake -- the attack on CALPERS was the first battle in a Republican war on traditional, defined benefit pensions.

Yup, and also an attack on investor activism. Chamber of Commerce thought they could get Arnie's help to undercut those nasty environmental, pro-labor, and all around corporate responsibility nuts trying to keep corporations in line.

Mike S,

But everytime I see Arnie on TV he's beating out a cop or other uniformed opponent. What went wrong here?

Maybe his tumah has affected him.

It's also important to note that Arnold is retreating stragically, but making it clear that he does not plan to give up on pension-gutting or his special election.

He's attempting to deflate the energy that the firefighters, nurses and others have brought to the fight and then get back to his agenda.

So we should celebrate the victory, but also recognize that until Arnold's power has been fully and permanently undercut, this fight should not be referred to in the past tense.

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