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April 06, 2005


It seems to go without saying that the wingnut nominees who fail (e.g., G. Harrold Carswell by Nixon) would change the tenor of a Presidential record, But i guess you needed to say it, if we're talking about Republicans playing fast and loose with the truth. A Nixon memory moment:

Letters by


Associate Professor, Univeristy of Maryland Law School

Signed by 12 other members of the law school faculty




Editor, Harvard Law Review Cambridge, Masschusetts

The letter was co-signed by 57 of the 70 active Harvard

Law Review Members


The defense of Judge G. Harrold Carswell’s mediocrity by Senators Hruska and Long on the basis that mediocrity should be represented on the Supreme Court is the most incredible reason I have ever heard for appointment of a man to one of the most important and responsible positions in our society. This is truly a perversion of the idea of democracy, aside from the racist view that Carswell also represents. In any case, the standard of mediocrity has already been heavily represented in President Nixon’s prior appointments, and it is clearly over-represented in Congress.

It appears to me that the crisis in our nation is so great that it is time for us to strive to seek out the best among us for these awesome responsibilities, rather than reaching for the lowest common denominator.

The appointment of Judge Carswell and the defense of mediocrity are insults to the intelligence and patience of the American people.



Anybody here from Meteor Blades?

Hey, remember a few days ago when you were wondering if the Senate Dems were going to start openly talking about the threat posed by the nuclear option? Well, that nameless Senate Democratic Communications Center has posted a diary at Daily Kos with a letter from Reid pushing back against the nuclear option:

Stand with Senate Democrats against this Republican abuse of power:


The nuclear option is a shocking power grab in its own right. More stunning is that President Bush has asked Republican Senators to stake their reputations on and break the rules for such shockingly unqualified judges.

Yes, I just saw that!

And still more exciting, the conversation has turned, and a boisterous few are wanting to know why there was no easy way for those who've done some heavy lifting on the nuclear option to actually share that work with the SDCC.

I never had any doubt that Harry Reid knew the nuclear option deserved attention, although I admit I was puzzled as to what they might be waiting for. My real concern was that there was no way to tell the SDCC that they had a target of opportunity in Cornyn, who was already in the news, that could have been used as a springboard to kick off their nuclear option work.

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