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April 06, 2005


Look for several companies to begin screening for CB2-specific agonists (small molecules -- drugs -- that bind to CB2 but NOT to CB1) that can be used for patients without having to worry about side effects (you don't really want your blood pressure medicine to get you high) or legal and political obstacles.

In fact, if THC is really such a great medical tool (separate from its narcotic effects), companies may already be looking for similar compounds that can mimic its beneficial effects without that pesky recreational attraction. Knowing the receptor makes the work ten times easier.

(I haven't been following this & haven't read the paper yet, so don't know if this is first identification of the receptor??)

But the really amazing advance here, is how they got the mice to roll those little doobies.

Marijuana studies have shown that males who are heavy users of marijuana have sperm that move too quickly, are less vigorous and are less likely to fertilize an egg. So, what are the chances we'll see legalization as population control? Wonder if there is any research on how marijuana effect females? Other than that increase in libido thing, or is that just me?

No, it's not just you.

Once again, an herb created by God ;-) has multiple health benefits. Yet it is illegal because of lies perpetrated by the US (and other) gov't. The fundamental insanity of this situation speaks to the deep problems within our society, and this insanity infects people all along the political spectrum. Until we can deal with substances and their abuse with honesty and compassion we will continue to see the suffering that results, and will miss important opportunities for healing both the abuse and, as seen in this research, other diseases as well.

has been found to highten senses making you more alert than when sober or drunk...the gov't only wants us to believe that is dangerous because they believe pot is a gateway and that many ppl will move on to more ...pot has also been found to help with arthritis, glaucoma, and atherosclerosis the leading cause of heart disease and stroke...make your own decision about weed and don't let anyone even the gov't sway you from something created by god himself

I've just been letting everything wash over me. I've pretty much been doing nothing. I've just been sitting around not getting anything done.

The school paddle is, is not an effective instrument to deal with bad students

Just to educate everyone, you DO NOT want to base your opinions and beliefs on Cannabis Sativa from information you receive from the media (i.e. ABC, NBC, CNN, etc)

95% of the media is controlled by the groups of people who have invested a lot of time and money into the prohibition of this plant for their own greedy purposes. And 95% of what you hear are either twisted and distorted truths made from incomplete experiments and research, or sometimes even straight out, blatant LIES.

A large dose of THC does temporarily increase the activity of sperm, making them swim too fast to fertilize the egg.

But like I said, it's only temporary and only when it's a large dose. With repeated doses, the system adjusts to THC's presence and returns to normal.

There is so much more research and information that has been gathered on this subject. Way too many to list here. The best place to start would be with the book "Marijuana Myths and Facts" by Lynn Zimmer, Ph.D. & John P. Morgan, Ph.D. They list numerous references which can lead you on an unbelievable journey that in the end will convince you that this plant could save the planet.

Check out http://www.drugpolicy.org/marijuana/factsmyths



for more educational reading and information.

Truly, if we let it, this plant could change the world. Save so many lives, and even save the planet.

Do your own research.
Educate yourself.
Educate others.
Educate our children.

Use your voice and save the world.

Much love to you all!


P.S. There is a great article on my myspace page that talks about the cannabinoid receptors. Check it out!

In 1936 a Polish Anthropologist named Sula Benet discovered that in the original Hebrew text of the Old Testament the Word "kaneh bosm" had been translated as calamus by the Greeks when they first rendered the Books in the 3rd century B.C., then propagated as such in all future translations from the original Greek as Hebrew ceased to be a spoken language, not again revived until the 1800's. Benet claimed through substantial research and etymological comparison that the proper translation for "kaneh bosm" is cannabis. In 1980 the Hebrew Institute of Jerusalem confirmed her claim that indeed "kaneh bosm" is cannabis.
In Exodus 30:23 God instructs Moses to use 250 shekels of "kaneh bosm" in the oil used to anoint all Priests, Kings, and Prophets, for all generations to come including that of Jesus and even today as the title Christ/Messiah means literally; covered in oil, Anointed! Kaneh is also listed as an incense tree in Song of Songs 4:14. The mistake was repeated in Isaiah 43:24, Jeremiah 6:20, and Ezekiel 27:19. There are 141 references to anointing and 145 for burning incense in the standard Bible!
Food, fuel, shelter, medicine, pleasure, spirituality, Unity!
The Tree of Life, Kaneh bosm, cannabis, haoma, hemp!

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THC slows atherosclerosis, but everyone just see the bad side of that amazing plant

Swiss and German researchers have shown that a very small dose of THC slows the progression of atherosclerosis, so they support the medicine lagalization of that plant

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