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April 04, 2005


I wonder how much media play this will get in a week.

I think there's something about this in both the NYTimes and the Philadelphia Inquirer(Knight-Ridder) . I hope you're right about the cracks. Of course I was disappointed about the election in November (it was on my f--ing birthday, ugh!!). But there was a tiny part of me that said that the party that wins that presidential election in '04 was going to have really diffiuclt time. Thus, I would tell friends "well, at least the roof will cave in on Bush, not us." Your thoughts about the economy reminded me of that.

Technically, that's anti-illegalimmigrationists. You'll notice, perhaps, that the Minutemen aren't patroling in front of a legal border crossing? Or reporting people with green cards?

And, by the way, hostility to illegal immigration is so popular, that it's more of crack between BOTH major parties, and the American people, than it is a crack within one of those parties.

You're right that both parties are not monolithic on the issue, but only one's in power, with the chance/expectation/opportunity to pass legislation. In the articles cited abouve, note only Bush is being threatened by Simcox.

If you feel so much the need to give your life to them,maybe you should leave with them.

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