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April 22, 2005


and this is a problem because...


Let him run on his own next time. Oh, and add another notch on the "I owe Joe Lieberman' paddle. Joe, by debating Cheney so poorly in 2000, made him look like a moderate and sound like a grown-up.

P.S. The Veep sounds like a typical clueless white male CEO when confronted with discrimination or abuse at his company.


Cheney was dismissive of what Democrats have portrayed as a troubling record that cast doubt on Bolton's temperament and credibility. "I have looked at all of the charges that have been made; I don't think any of them stand up to scrutiny," Cheney said.

They could put the crack team from the Abu Grhaib investigation on the case. That ought to clear things up some.

Hey, I'm still waiting for someone to investigate where Cheney was lying in 2000 -- when he signed an oath as a voter that he was a resident of Wyoming and signed a statement in TX for his homestead exemption that he was a resident of TX. He lied somewhere -- and i knew the press was incompetent when no one cared abt this in 2000. It still infuriates me. Even if Bush had been legitimately elected, Cheney should NEVER have been allowed to be VP. He shouldn't have received the TX electoral votes.

While reading this diary, I couldn't get the picture of Cheney at the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz out of my mind - the not-just-grumpy-but-frighteningly-furious decaying man, so inappropriate in dress and demeanor. It struck me when I first saw it that this is a man who thinks no rules of any kind apply to him, not even the most basic rules of courtesy that smooth the way of humans as they interact. He actually thinks he can do any thing he wants and it is just O-fucking-K. Usually guys like him cultivate a veneer of civilized behaviors, the forms, because it reassures people that they are nice guys, considerate of the feelings of others; but Cheney doesn't even bother. And I am still pondering what this means in the reality-based world. Does it mean he has something on the Bushes? Does it mean he is so sick he doesn't care? Does it mean he is just a misanthrope with a lot of accidental power? What the hell does it really mean?

Thanks for remembering that bit of frustrating trivia, kainah. Old news, of course, but like so much about this administration - from Air National Guard duty to Geneva Convention violations to secret energy meetings - still unresolved old news.

Amazing that you can have two Cheneys - Dick AND Lynne - so deeply embedded in the what-I-say-are-the-rules-ARE-the-rules camp. Glad at least to know who's in charge of the country.

When you read the following, do you think it implies that the party will be over sooner than later for the current group in power?

You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.
Abraham Lincoln

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