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April 22, 2005


Yet another example of how, compared to Bush, Nixon seems a moderate. All about context, I suppose, and yet one gets the impression Nixon had a bit more control of hi8s constituency than Bush ever did with the radical right.

As a new homeowner, I finally have the area available so I can compost my organic waste, reducing my trash load. I also have a diesel volkswagen that I am slowly converting to biodiesel (from a local guy who recycles waste vegetable oil from resturants), now at 5%, hopefully up to 100% in a year or so. I also try to carpool with my girlfriend into work whenever possible.

Small stuff, I grant you, and I have plenty to work on (e.g. getting my office to stop reflexively making 2 copies of every letter we receive, etc.) But it is never far from my mind that the best way to lead the conservation movement is to lead by example, and I try my best to set a good one.

Happy earth day everyone.

My favorite 'good environmental steward' claim is that, over 32 years of marriage, my husband and I have never owned more than one car. And usually it's sitting in front of our house, being used by no one to commute.

But mostly I wanted to post somewhere that, today, I received two email "Happy Earth Day" greetings, both from two under-30 friends. That gave me hope.

And, MeteorBlades, good to see you posting. My thoughts are still with you.

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