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April 01, 2005


they are just part of roman hruska's "mediocre representation" scheme.

Sometimes it's scary ...?

I'm surprised Gonzales isn't signing off on memos OKing the sending of the whole AFL-CIO board to Gitmo.

MB: He did, but the AFGE people wouldn't type up the orders, which didn't really matter, because the Teamsters wouldn't have delivered it. I think they said something like "we got your secondary boycott right here!"

Forget basic legal concepts, they don't understand the legislation they're working on at any given moment. It's gotten to the point where it's almost entirely staff work, and they just sign the papers.

Let me answer your question: No, they do not understand.

Take Tom Delay. Please. (rim shot) He is now saying that the Court's ignored the intent of the Shiavo legislation that was passed:

"Dan Allen, DeLay's communications director, said that DeLay was "once again expressing his disappointment in how the courts clearly ignored the intent of the legislation that was passed."

And what intent might that be?

The intent to that federal courts accept jurisdiction in a case that would otherwise not be within the jurisdiction of federal courts -- i.e.as the legislation that was written?


The sub rosa agenda that the courts -- in the course of exercising jurisdiction -- would (although not dictated by the legislation) order the feeding tube reinserted?

Tom DeLirious either doesn't understand the law as passed or wanted activist judges who expanded on the law.

Add to muledriver's analysis that of former House Judiciary minority counsel Julian Epstein (via TalkLeft), who says the Schiavo legislation could actually have worked if they had written it differently, that is, to include an automatic stay and/or changing evidentiary rules. As Epstein explained in numerous media appearances, including one with Larry King:

EPSTEIN: Without question. Congress could have passed a statute and said there should be an automatic stay. And then they could have set up a whole host of new -- either new rights for her or new ways in which you would evaluate the evidentiary standards. And this could have extended the case. Congress did not want to do that. And now, I don't want to suggest this because the polls are going south on both the president and Congressional intervention here, but now you see, interestingly enough, you see Jeb Bush and you see the Republican Congress not proceeding with this thing when they could.

....this is a Republican Congress. The Congress could have given Terri Schiavo more substantive rights if they had wanted to and they could have created a procedure which would have stayed that. That is a fact. And Congress elected not to do it and now Congress is now staying away from this. That is a fact.

Cue up the standard What's the Matter With Kansas? clip. The Religious Right has been played again.

Who is this Boehner fellow?

* House GOP inner circle back in Gingrich's day ... always looking to work his way back up.

* Point man on edumacation legimislation.

* Chief antagonist in Boehner v. McDermott -- the case that put the entire House Ethics process on hiatus so many years ago ... a case chock-full of First Amendment implications, still percolating through the appeals process with some 38 media organizations signed on in amicus status.

Whom the gods would destroy, they first make household names.

Holy crap! I think I triggered Italics Gone Wild!

Did that fix it? Yeah, I think so. What a lame bug.

Anyway, yeah, that Boehner is boehn-head. Consider that the fact that the litigation in the case against McDermott ignores affirmatively passed legislation (and remember, that's Boehner's department as a Congressman) imposes penalties against the unlawful interception and distribution of cellular telephone calls precisely because there is no technological protection in place for the privacy of those conversations.

In other words, who has better cause to know that there's no reasonable expectation of privacy in a cellular phone call than a member of the body that had to go out of its way to impose artificial barriers to their interception?

But that would require an understanding of the laws they write.

OK, well that was obviously a failure in terms of curing the italics. It works in preview.

We'll just agree then that everything we say from here on in must be extremely important.

And speak of the Devil -- slipped my attention, there's buzz the last couple days re Boehner as a replacement for DeLay or Hastert.

Ron--funny, like a bad cold, they just keep coming back. As I remember, Boehner became seen as too much of a striver and crossed DeLay. As a result, he got bounced from the leadership team and was replaced by J.C. Watts.

Mr B in the news again (Cincy Enquirer, AP):

Boehner isn't likely to recover the entire $617,562 stolen from his campaign ... restitution is about $100 to $120 a year ...

Boehner's campaign ... wants to have the repayment amount redirected to ... a philanthropic organization where Boehner's wife, Deborah, is a board member.

Otherwise, it would have to report the theft as a debt, which would distort campaign finance reports ... for the rest of Boehner's career ...

Investigators said [Treasurer Roberts] had taken the cash since 1994 and used it at Indiana gambling casinos ... telling the FEC the money went to operating expenses and that records were destroyed by a flood.

AS the Schiavo bill was beeing debated and set up in the Senate Hastert aand his team thought they had a "bi-partisan" helper in Sen. Carl Levin of Mich. Levin kept helping them with the wording and warning them of wording traps. Levin subtly watered the bill and left holes of truck size. Levin maintains his bland poker face. No they don't understand the bills they are passing.

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