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April 06, 2005


CT also mandates that you get your rebate at the register--no mailins, no waiting period. Pat just the final, advertised price.

CT definitely stands up for its citizens.

Blumenthal sets the tone. It's good to have a Dem AG.

I am astonished and really quite moved by this post. I had completely given up on the idea that government could be used for anything other than partisan fighting, corporate subsidies, pork projects, and massive giveaways to donors. The idea that a state could be an advocate for all of its citizens is just staggering. I hope it catches on.

David, it doesn't hurt to have Dems in charge. ;-)

Phrase of the day: "inmate No. 15623-014 - (Republican)"

This one just makes me smile. I want a picture. :)

Dem, actually I think whoever is "in charge" usually ends up not being true to the values they were voted in for.

David, eventually perhaps so. For now...

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