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April 14, 2005


After we take back the House in 2006, can we throw Pelosi over the side and make Emmanuel Speaker?

I've got nothing against Pelosi, but Emmanuel is the sharpest knife in the drawer. He's our Newt.

Yep. Golly, how nice it would have been to have this quality of information and presentation on about 30 topics prior to last November.

Well, the DCCC Chairmanship is often a stepping stone to the leadership ladder, and there may well be a vacancy in the three slot next year, if the Corzine-Menendez swap works out. And if the House turns over, well, that's something the Caucus is going to want to thank Emanuel for.

excellent site! feel free to write them for the occasional forgotten paper (one can write your local paper from the site if it's listed).

Two non-blogging reasons this is important and valuable. First, journalists love websites. Anything that aggregates and archives information for them is appreciated; I've occassionally been surprised at how deep into a campaign website journalists have delved.

The other thing is that this may be "infrastructure building" for an advertising campaign. Polls have long shown that if you run an add that makes claims about something for which the viewer has to "take the word" of the ad, they're more likely to find the claims credible if the add includes a URL. It's not that many people actually write down the URL and then check out the site the next time they're sitting at a computer. It's just that they find it more believable if there's some semblance of providing documentation and support for the claim. So it's possible that, while this got rolled out for bloggers, it may be directed more to getting the word out (via bloggers) to local political reporters--a case of the DCCC "going over the heads" of the DC press corps--and possible as "support" for any advertising that would try to nationalize next year's election by tying Republican members of Congress to corruption through their protections for and ties to Tom DeLay.

So, the short answer on what are bloggers supposed to do with this is to do what you just did: write about it and use it as a (living and growing) resource, thus making more people aware of it.

Oh, another thing--the way they used hotbuttons on their frontpage with the circular depiction of DeLay links is brilliant. They use the word "ethics" about five times, which they amplify by getting "casinos" into the mix--who doesn't suspect corruption and casinos go together--they call it the "Republican Pharmaceutical Industry," they sneak in medicare and gas prices, there's a theme of judicial corruption...about the only missing piece I'd love to see thrown into that mix is something related to the insurance industry.

Corporate payoffs connected to judicial corruption, facilitated by lobbyists.
Gas prices.
Rampant ethical violations.
Everyone covering everyone else's asses.

That's a great visual "framing" of what they need to do. I'm impressed. Jesse's done a really good job, I'm sure with some shrewd instruction from Emmanuel and some sharp politicos. This is really encouraging.

Well, I thought that writing about it was the self-evident answer to Ezra's question. In fact, he might even have framed it that way, as in "other than writing to publicize it, what are we supposed to do with it?" So that's what I did with it.

I did think there was another aspect to the story, though, which was the "DCCC gets it" angle. Which only highlights the fact that there's still no indication that the DSCC has any intention of waking up and smelling the coffee. Did they lay off the guy who recommended buying Scoop software for their blog, or what? If their online communications chief thinks buying the software is equivalent to engaging the community, we have a serious problem on our hands. Meanwhile, "The Stick" is sorta, kinda taking half measures at gearing up for a serious online and grassroots presence, but not really breaking through, either. They need to get their human and technological resources in one pool and get a plan.

Brilliant. Good job Jesse Lee.

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