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April 09, 2005


It seems to me you could actually get the business honestly concerned (in the ethical and principled fashion, kind of) if you started to talk about how anti-competitive BushCo is. Sure, they make things easy on Halliburton and about 20 other defense contractors. But by giving those few contractors such an easy, oversight time of things, they're making it harder for smaller businesses to get in on one of the only growing businesses segments in the country right now.

Add to that a good dose of discussion about how health care would make US business more competitive internationally, and you might make some progress.

It's a distinction between crony capitalism and real competitive capitalism. If we're going to have a too-business-friendly Democratic party, we at least ought to get a little credit for it.

health care is the ticket for business ears. The small business Republican has little sway in this administration, but doesn't know or acknowledge it yet. OTOH, health care costs/consequences hit everyone, small and large.

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