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April 27, 2005


Exciting. Here's hoping more and more people of all stripes and everywhere begin recognizing and citing the "lack of leadership" from this administration.

I don't think anything would sting W. more, on a personal level, than to be accused of being a weak leader. That sounds like the kind of thing that would provoke him into making more mistakes. Which I like to think of as "helping him live up to his potential."

It is also worth noting that, in terms of academic research in medicine and biology, California and Massachusetts are probably the single two most important states.

University of California, San Francisco
University of California, Berkeley
University of California, Los Angeles
University of California, San Diego
University of California, Davis
University of California, Ιrvine

Boston University
University of Massachusetts, Worcester

The impact from these two states is far beyond "two out of fifty."

Very true, Kelly, but there are 48 wannabes on this issue, as the MO link in the article shows.
In fact, Bush and the Rs have already lost on this issue... they just don't know it yet.

Next up: a federal bill to forbid the states from doing this; bill struck down as ridiculously unconstitutional; Dobson/DeLay axis condemns activist judges; rinse; repeat.

Kelly, you left off CalTech on yor list of CA research sites. Also don't forget the cluster of biotech companies in the Bay Area, Irvine, and San Diego and the Salk Institute and City of Hope as well.
By the way, another center of Biomedical research is Houston, Texas. Just thought Tom DeLay might like to know, especially when the brain drain begins to the golden state and the Athens of America.

I suggested doing something about stem-cell research to my (Colorado) State Rep, who is the Majority Leader. Our biotech industry isn't quite the size of California or Massachusetts, but it is not negligible. There's no way we could fund anything, but it would be fun to watch the reaction of the Colorado Springs folks to a bill that would "clarify that the research is allowed and to place it in a regulatory framework that will ease ethical concerns". Maybe I'll ping her again about it.

Hullo, Blue. Check the Missouri link in the post above (previous post highlights). CO is not so different than MO, I suspect.. the business interests will not necessarily align with the social conervatives and the majority will want to go forward.

Thanks, DemFromCT. It seems like a perfect wedge issue.

You know what really pisses me off? The fact that wealthy Republicans like Bush, who used the stem-cell controversy to show the religious right that the GOP was on their side, will be among the first beneficiaries of whatever cures and preventions come out of stem cell research - since many of these will be expensive and uncovered by health insurance.

So, by backing stem cell research, we on the left are probably going to ensure that those who oppose it for political juice wind up living longer and healthier than we do. Damn.

MB, I am confident that what ails Junior (stubbornnnrss) will prove incurable.

Kagro, any bill, even for show, to nationalize stem cell embargoes will fail. Too many people want to move forward in the senate whatever the theocrats in the House do. But let 'em try. Another issue to run on in 2006.

Add Virginia to the list of states that have a stem cell research initiative. VA isn't as conservative as MO, but it's pretty conservative on a lot of issues.

Hmmm, on closer inspection, it looks like our idiot conservatives got it amended so it promotes stem cell research, but disallows funding of *embryonic* stem cell research, making it pretty much useless. I think that's instructive; in conservative states you're more likely to see conservatives adding language to make the initiatives effectively useless, rather than actually going on record voting them down.

Redshift, some conservatives take the Mitt Romney approach. It won't fly as a compromise (see MA).

Guaranteed to fail, eh? In that case, I shall expect to see it filed with greater haste.

How about NJ? That's where I live and I seem to remember reading something about NJ considering shelling out some $$$ for stem cell research (sorry - don't remember the details). NJ doesn't want to lose business to other states in this field.

claw, i guess one of my points was every state is like NJ. every state is a potential center of stem cell research, every state has a university with the potential to be interested in this, and evey state is also potentially a site for biotechnology.

And every state knows that California and Massachusetts, the two states with the strongest bioresearch infrastructures, are moving ahead and not waiting for the feds. Every state knows that it is now or never.

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