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April 05, 2005


"With friends like Al From... "

I see that the end of that sentence self-destructed under the enormous weight of its internal inconsistency.

Yeah, I guess it was something like that ;-)

Which is, once again, why Democrats must reclaim their brand.

This is a lot harder to pull off when the release can't quote From as the CEO of anything that says "Democrat" in it.

We can't stop him from saying it, and many people say they wouldn't want to, anyway. But we can and should stop him from saying it on behalf of Democrats.

And even the RNC insists on mis-calling it the Democrat Leadership Council! Talk about carrying water for the GOP and then getting smacked around for your efforts! How pathetic.

Elites sit in their basements?? Isn't that some kind of oxymoron? I don't like Democrat bashing, no matter where it comes from. If Al From has a good idea, put it out there and show that his ideas can get support from Democrats. Otherwise, shut up.

Not only does the RNC inject their lingo into it by calling it the Democrat Leadership Council, but From injects the RNC's lingo, calling his enemies "elites." Which, as Sandy points out, is pretty ridiculous given that he goes on to say they sit in their basements.

Sandy--of course elites sit in their basements. They're so elite that they even have a second kitchen "in der basement, so when dey cook da ham for da Easter dinner, aw da kidz can sit at dem der card table and eat der ham and cabbage and perogi and den have some o dat der lemon pie for dessert."

[Sorry, that may have been too much of an insider Midwestern joke that would only be caught by those who know what working class Poles, Italians and Arabs tend to do with their basements. I think it's a Detroit, Cleveland and Chicago thing...]

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