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April 10, 2005


Did Shays vote to make DeLay majority leader of the United States House of Representatives? Or didn't he? DeLay's willingness to break every standard of honor and morality is not exactly a brand-new revelation.

What good is occasionally saying the Emperor Has No Clothes -- just enough to keep the home folks happy -- and then voting with the Emperor, time after time after time?

Didn't Shays openly defy DeLay on something big within the last couple years? Didn't he vote for investigations of DeLay? IIRC, he broke from the Repubs on something embarrassing to DeLay.

BTW, this seems like a bit of a mirror image of people like Gary Condit, who held on to a Repub district in part by sticking his thumb in the eye of his party when it suited his personal electoral needs, as when he was one of only six(I think?) House Dems who voted to censure Bill Clinton over the Lewinsky bimbroglio.

Shays did vote for DeLay, certainly, but that's the trouble with R's. They go with leadership too often to suit me. I'm congratulating him, not endorsing him. And he's right... DeLay is slime and he won't ride this out.

Shays broke with deLay over rewriting the ethics committe rules and packing it with DeLay cronies. In the end, all that will do is delay DeLay's demise. (Catchy, no?)

I've met and like Chris Shays, but too fucking bad. Time to get tossed.

Chris Shays is a big fat lying liar:

"One of the things I want to say here is that Tom DeLay will never be speaker in Congress. With all due respect, I can be accused of a lot of things, but supporting Tom DeLay is not one of them. --Christopher Shays, April 9, 2005

"I think he's been a great majority leader."--Christopher Shays, October 7, 2004

Shays is just one of the many rats fleeing the sinking ship. See http://the-cunctator.dailykos.com/storyonly/2005/4/10/14852/1534 for the links.

Yes, Cunctator, and also see Half Ways Shays here at TNH. He's no noble super-hero and plays CYA like a pro, but today's opinion (diary title) is useful nonetheless.

Useful might be a good way to describe it.

Think there's a way to start peeling off R's--the same ones who voted against the "Tom DeLay get out of Ethics Jail free card"?

Frankly, it's probably better to hold off on such a tactic (unless it begins to look like DeLay really IS a miracle worker and can find some way to avoid a slow drip until he drowns under the weight of his own stenchy fluids). But it seems like we ought to be able to peel off the same ones who were willing to vote (semi)publicly against DeLay.

This is just damage control, the equivalent of not wanting to go down with a sinking ship.

Since the New Year, how many Republicans have said something to the effect of "Bush's Social Security plan has not going to happen"? We have highlighted each and every one of these statements as if they were the equivalent of a death notice, but the Bush road show goes on. The point is that words mean nothing. Most politicians are where they are because they are adept at playing both sides of the street.

Words mean a great deal (depending on who is saying it). Bush can stay on the road for all I care. He makes a fool of himself when he does and it keeps him out of DC so less harm is done. But all those chronicled words are, nonetheless, true. Social security privatization is dead, but the moment Bush admits it is the day he gets labeled as a lame duck. hence the road show goes on.

DeLay is a dead man walking, too. Just a matter of time.

I would have more respect for Chris Shays if he had not voted for and continued to hype up the Iraq War, if he actually did something about his pariah status (like switching parties or leaving office -- he always seems to be miserable yet he stays there), or if he were not in such a dangerous district. If I remember correctly, that district was gerrymandered for him in 2002 and yet he still barely won last year, in spite of being a scandal-free moderate in the majority party. It seems to me that he is desperately trying to cover his ass and that if he represented a district more like Nancy Johnson's he would not be as critical.

I certainly think he has his good points, but I also think that he is ultimately hollow. I feel like so much of this is smoke and mirrors, and that 2 years from now we will be sitting here hearing him make the exact same statements about DeLay. To end on one last cliche, talk is cheap.

"He is an absolute embarrassment to me and to the Republican Party"

Ya, well, nobody's perfect. ;-)

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