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March 11, 2005


"It's becoming clear that the Congressional Republicans are concerned about this potential loss of older voters without an offsetting gain among young voters."

It's gotta be a spooky time to be a GOP House member. Even if your own seat is safe, no one wants to be in the minority in the House.

"As the War on Social Security grinds on over the next few months, if young voters don't come around to support Bush's plan to privatize Social Security, he may end up unable to enact any significant change to the Social Security system, and KarlĀ  Rove's dreams of a Raw Deal coalition could fade into oblivion."

My lone fear is that I'm currently seeing pro-Bush SS commercials on national cable, and no anti-Bush SS commercials. I have no reason to expect this state of affairs to persist, but if it were to persist for a month or two, the poll numbers could start to move.

In short, I hope someone is dealing with getting on the air.

Interesting post.

Another, separate question I have not seen much on (forgive me if I missed stuff on this over at MyDD):

Why is the 60 and over crowd shifting to vote for Bush?

The only thing I can think of is gay marriage, to be honest. It seems to me that people who are upset enough about gay marriage to decide a vote based on it are generally older. Just an impression, mind you.

So...I hope that as the gay marriage thing plays out and people discover that it does not mean the end of civilization... this effect washes out.

I just can't even think of another hypothesis for the trend.

Let's face it, when one generation lives beyond its means on credit, and as a result saddles a future generation with large debt to pay for that previous generation's cowardice, stupidity, greed, whatever, it certainly is politically appealing to point out to this young generation how thay are being screwed.

The real hypocrisy of it all, however, is that it is Bushco economic/political policy that is screwing these younger folk! Bush is not the messenger of bad tidings; he is the cause! Dems must make that more clear!

Boulderduck, maybe Vietnam? would like to see numbers on that. possibly only Vietnam and older men? or older women too?

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