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March 24, 2005


CNN is playing this as you suggest right now. Jeb Bush is getting pressure to ACT whatever than means. He's, according to CNN, getting word he needs to kidnap this woman and forcibly place the feeding tube, as well as compared it to Elian.

Much as I want Terri to find her peace, I must admit that a hardcore, Machiavellian bit of me wants Jeb to do exactly what these crazies are suggesting.

ABC had Randall Terry threatening Bush and all the repubs who got elected yet refuse to use their power to 'save' Terri.

What you predicted is coming true.

With his usual courtesy, Rude Pundit deconstructs Ann Coulter's call for military action by Jeb Bush with this blast.

My guess is that Jeb will find some way to split the difference--make some putridly empty yet symbolic gesture to "save Terri," probably on Easter Sunday for maximum effect, perhaps even getting "arrested in an act of civil disobedience" like those numbnuts who tried to bring her a glass of water earlier this week. It'll give him political cover while not actually doing anything.

What if she were arrested? The prison could keep her alive then, as a ward of the state, right?

What if she were considered a threat to domestic security - they could send her to Guantanamo and keep her alive indefinitely, with no recourse to the courts, right?

What if the Director of Homeland Security decreed that the safe maintenance of our borders requires she be kept alive - that supercedes all laws and judges now, right? (or is that only for the Mexican border?)

Jeb's options boggle the mind.

Only it's not like Elian. At all.

Before she had a heart attack, Terry Schaivo was an adult who was fully capable of making her own decisions. Her parents are making two arguments: first, that she'd want to be kept alive in a permanent vegetative state (or that we don't know what she would have wanted), and second, that even if she wouldn't want to be kept alive in a permanent vegetative state, she's not actually in a permanent vegetative state. Her husband is saying the opposite--that Terry wouldn't want to live like this, and that she said so before she ever got sick.

The court has found that the husband is correct. Terry HERSELF a) didn't want to be kept alive in her current condition and b) really is in her current condition.

So, the issue we've lost sight of is that while Terry can't make her wishes clear now, she DID make them clear before. If the court didn't find evidence of that, they wouldn't have ruled! The fact that her parents can't accept what Terry wants is sad, and the fact that right wingers are taking advantage of the parents' denial for political purposes is appalling. But at the heart of it, the question in the Schaivo case is "What did Terry want," as opposed to the Elian Gonzales case, where the child Elian was incapable of making the decision for himself. So it's not what the parents want vs. what the husband wants--it's what the parents want vs. what TERRY wanted.

I posted this Great Big Intuitive Flash on dK, on one Schiavo thread or another, and nobody picked up on it. Maybe I'm off (wouldn't be the first time) But I found myself thinking this morning that there is potentially some specific benefit accruing to the D's on one important issue-- Judicial nominations. Listen: a lot of reasonable people have watched this with (varying degrees of) horror. The circus in Congress & the cultish circus of Randall whosis. I wager a lot of them heaved a sigh of relief that the courts stood firm, were not bullied into wild-eyed hysterical action. Now here comes Bushie, proposing to seat on the bench of upper courts the very sort of people who would have behaved in a flipped-out save-Terry screw-the-constitution way.

Properly managed now, that reasonable majority (D's & non-wingnut R's) will not be rooting for Bugman and the Cat Murderer,when the time for those nominations rolls around.

anyone out there think I have a point? Any ideas of how, when to take advantage of this?

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