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March 24, 2005


Bioethics, a infant field with the potential to do great good over the next century, seems to be becoming nothing more than a comfortable chair for nonscientists to sit in while they tell scientists what to do.

Bioethics? How about some plain, old-fashioned ethics? Like not exaggerating or concocting your credentials? I don't know who is worse, the rulers who try to fool the megamedia, the fools reporting for the megamedia, or the tools running the megamedia.

Thanks for this, DemFromCT--his credentials sounded fishy, but this nails it.

As for Meteor Blades' question, about who is worse--my answer, in descending order:


Simply on the principle that those with the most power are to be held most responsible for its abuse....

How does one file a complaint with Frist's liscensing board?

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