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March 23, 2005


Free advice for the GOP: Tom DeLay drove you here. He kicked you in the crotch to take your mind off the fact that his persistent and willful ethics violations are strangling you.

CNN played the tape of him going political in his speech to the social conservatives and accused... well, they just played the tape.

It's crumbling before our eyes. DeLay claims the remark was off the record. When that happens, Kagro X, you know they're screwed.

In addition to the mandatory attachment of modifiers like "embattled" to DeLay's name, it's now time to capitalize on the public awakening to GOP overreaching by referring to the recent Georgia redistricting as "DeLay-inspired."

Chris Matthews' statement, and the reaction of the talking heads in general, is just another example of their divorce from the day-to-day experience of life for most Americans, and the center-right tilt of most of them.

Most Americans have the common sense to see this for what it is. Many have dealt with similar issues in their own lives and cannot help but be appalled at the grandstanding of the GOP. But the chattering classes are diverced from both common sense and everyday reality. They think in terms of who scored the "theater" points, not how ridiculous the whole exercise looks from a few hundred miles away, especially when you know Congress isn't dealing with the real health care crises in this country.

good point, mimikatz. My jaw fell when I heard Matthews. It was a Hillary-Greenspan moment. Not everyone got it wrong, Mr. Greenspan.

I think the Bushies know exactly what they are doing. At first I thought it was just a way of mobilizing the religious right. Now I think they will take it a step further. Bush is saying they have exhausted all legal options. So what's next? Here it comes. We'll be told we need a consitutional amendment to protect life. That would include end of life, abortion, and possibly stem cell research. Whether the Bushies actually believe in what they are doing, I don't know, but it would be a further way of drumming up the base for the 2006 elections. And it certainly succeeds in taking the public eye off their failures. Anyone else see it this way?

They lost David Brooks on ethics. They lost the American public on "culture of life." And they're losing Bob Barr and Grover Norquist, of all people, on the Patriot Act. Could this possibly mean that there is hope?

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