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March 25, 2005


Michigan Public Radio has been playing a piece all day about how this week the State Bar's website has been getting five times its normal traffic, mostly because they post information on advance directives, living wills, etc.

In a class on death and dying, my professor said a health care power of attorney is more foolproof. That's what I've got for my 85 y/o mom, and must get for myself! My governor (Arkansas) is a Southern Baptist who believes it's the government's job to determine what life is. OMG, I can just see him at my door!

I'd get both a living will and Durable Power of Attorney. Of course my mother told me she'd off me herself in this situation so I'm not sure I'll need either.

The most important things to do are:

1. Power of Attorney - Upon your incapacity, appoint someone to conduct your affairs, including health care. Avoids having to go to Court to get a guardian/conservator appointed.

2. Living Will/Health Care Declaration - unambiguous expression of your wishes and desires.

3. Will, especially if you have minor children, or children from a prior marriage.

The requirements of these documents vary from State to State. Do it. Do it now.

Think of it this way: when you're dealing with this kind of stuff, once it happens, it's too late.

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